AXE Server

Simulating the AXE interface.

See detailed description of AXE Server 1.1

The AXE server is a simple AXE simulator designed to help developers working with the AXE interface. The server based program can act exactly as a live AXE with Ethernet connection and can serve any client that connects to the server socket from anywhere on the Internet.

The application simulates:

  • IOG11, IOG20, APG30 and APG40 TCP/IP Interface
  • Selectable port 5000 thru 5111
  • Usercode / password access.
  • Login string and command prompts.
  • Sub-prompts and dialog-prompts
  • Log on / Log off to command interpreter.
  • CP side switch
  • CPT commands
  • Any printout for all AXE application systems.
  • ORDERED, NOT ACCEPTED with selectable FAULT CODE and customized response.
  • Command confirmation.
  • Date, time and incrementing NVT number
  • Qualification on certain parameters (DEV, SNB, RC etc.)
  • Forced command rejection.
  • Provision of subscriber classes

Additional features:

  • Remote management
  • Responds up to 1000 commands per minute in local environment
  • Runs on any Windows based PC
  • Fixed IP address is recommended but not mandatory

See 640 px image


AXE Simulator

A similar application is available for the V24 Interface with complete control over the CCITT defined circuits. To run the simulator you need a PC with two serial RS232 interfaces interconnected via a crossed cable (pin 2 and 3 crossed)